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The future of property

“The real estate industry is a very rich one - it’s the largest and most valuable asset class in the world, but has been the slowest to disrupt and change.”
Dominic Wilson, Pi Labs

Most observers would agree with Dominic over his assertion that the property industry has been cautious in its adoption of new technologies, this is changing, and changing at a rate. New technology is bringing new opportunities to real estate, in terms of data analysis, market transparency, transaction management, asset and building management, digital conveyancing and online agency and marketing.

As our good friend Antony Slumbers says: “Technology is not a bolt on to property. If you are in business, you are in the technology business.”

With experience of marketing and communications in both the real estate and software industries, Net Yield has a deep understanding of PR for both property and technology. Using the experience of both markets, the Net Yield team has worked over a number of years with technology businesses focused on, or looking to enter and disrupt, the property sector.

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